Alzheimer’s Respite & Resource

50 Pope Ave.

Hilton Head Island, SC, 29928

(843) 842-6688

Alzheimer’s Respite & Resource (AR&R) is a nonprofit organization committed to helping families

Alzheimer’s Respite & Resource (AR&R) is a nonprofit organization committed to helping families who face the challenges of living with a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease. AR&R offers a social day program for those with Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia. Our program engages participants in both mental and physical stimulation through music, drama, art, yoga, exercise, and mentally stimulating games. Our program also breaks down barriers of social isolation by providing camaraderie, fellowship, and a sense of belonging.

Program Schedule

Monday through Friday
10:00 a.m. to 1:45 p.m.
All Saints Episcopal Church
3001 Meeting St.
Hilton Head, SC 29926

Activities Include:

  • Socialization
  • Music therapy
  • Hot meals
  • Art therapy
  • Drama
  • Intergenerational programs with school-age children
  • Exercise such as yoga and dancing
  • Pet therapy
  • Mind-challenging games

Caregiver Support

We also offer support and resources for caregivers. Our support groups are a safe, confidential place to share heartache, grief, frustration, and common experience. AR&R offers links to community resources, a crisis hotline, and a lending library. Caregiver stress is an epidemic in this country. A survey by the National Family Caregivers Association found that 61 percent of caregivers experience depression. More than 50 percent experience sleeplessness. And more than 25 percent experience headaches and stomach disorders. Caregivers often believe that they are the only ones that can provide the care and support for their loved ones. They neglect their own health to do it, working hours that no one can possibly endure, taking on responsibilities that no single person should have to assume.

Monthly Support Group Schedule

2nd Wednesday of the Month
10 a.m. to Noon
Palm Meadows Court
48 Main Street
Hilton Head, SC 29926

4th Friday of the Month
10 a.m. to Noon
Hilton Head Library
11 Beach City Road
Hilton Head, SC , 29926